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Episode #1 - Roy West, design director UX Writing at Uber

Episode #1 - Roy West, design director UX Writing at Uber

Welcome to Writers of Silicon Valley!

The future is words. More businesses are investing in high quality UX writers and content strategists. Apple, Uber, Shopify, Spotify, Amazon...the list goes on. "UX Writer" is now one of the hottest jobs in tech - and around the world, too.

Why? They realise writers embedded in design crews are the great differentiator.

This podcast is all about those writers - who they are, where they come from, what they do...and why the work they do is so important. You've heard all about the stories of building computers in garages. Now it's time for the writers to stand up - and take their place.

Today’s episode features Roy West, who’s the design director of UX Writing at Uber. He has a long history that spans Next, Google and a range of other companies. With nearly 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley, he has a lot to share.

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Episode #2 - Sophie Tahran, UX writer at Invision

Episode #2 - Sophie Tahran, UX writer at Invision